Local Train History

"One of the most obscure railroads in Utah’s history is the Inland Railway, a line built parallel to the Salt Lake Garfield and Western and north of the LASL/WP mainlines on the western edge of Salt Lake County. This railroad was built as an in plant operation to haul salt from the evaporation ponds in the area to the salt plant located near the Saltair resort. Much of the area the Inland Railway operated on is now buried underneath the Kennecott Tailing Ponds. The railroad was incredibly obscure, not being included in Stephen Carr’s Utah Ghost Rails, a book that is otherwise the seminal publication on long gone railroads in the state. Note the locomotive in the photo is a Salt Lake & Los Angeles locomotive (predecessor to SLGW), so it is up in the air if this is an SLGW train working on the Inland Railway, or a mislabeled caption instead. We got a few proper Inland photos to share later though." -Jacob Lyman