Historical Preservation Commission

The Tooele City Historical Preservation Commission consists of five members who are residents of Tooele City. These are volunteer positions. Commission members must demonstrate interest, compliance or knowledge in historical preservation.

Some responsibilities of members of the Historical Preservation Commission may include:

  • Survey and Inventory of community historic resources;
  • Review proposed nominations to the National Register of Historic Places;
  • Provide advice and information to public officials regarding identification and protection of local historic and archeological resources;
  • Work toward the continuing education of citizens regarding historic preservation and Tooele City’s history, and;
  • Enforcement of state historical preservation laws.
Detailed information about this commission can be found in City Code 2-7-1.

If you would like additional information or would be interested in serving on the Historical Preservation Commission, please contact the Economic Development Department at 435.843.2169.